Long time no see

A long time has passed since the previous incarnation of my personal website, too long I felt for many years… Too many moments perished without their presence in my online journal, only to be found in the unconscious… Piles of half-essays, papers, tutorials, and cat pictures were laying idly on my hard drive, the horror, the horror as Marlon Brando would say…

No moar! AD 2019 brings an end to that feeling and gives beginning to a new 🌱, i.e. place in which I'll be able to share, hopefully, interesting and valuable content for others, who might stumble upon it for some reason.

For starters, I've published a few galleries with pictures mostly dug up from the digital attic (🐈 inside!) and a couple of programming posts to work off the stiffness of my digital pen.

Initial posts will be guides to Sentry integration for Crystal and its web application frameworks ecosystem. While starting with programming, I plan to post on a variety of subjects ranging from Tao to kittens, so stay tuned!

There's more to come but I ain't spillin' the beans before the shit is done.