Hello there! My name is Sijawusz (Siyâvash) Pur Rahnama. I'm half Polish, half Persian, born and raised in and around Warsaw, Poland.

I consider myself a hacker (in a broad sense of the term) by heart and Software Architect by craft - also a Full-Stack polyglot developer (with a strong emphasis on the Backend), with a penchant for modular code with clean APIs, open-source software, writing and helping others.

I'm interested in a variety of new trending technologies and programming languages. For speed and pleasure I use Crystal programming language, which being fast as C, slick as Ruby made me instantly fell in ❤️ with it. For stability and well-organized distributed architectures I'm favouring Elixir, due to its design decisions and battle-tested history of the BEAM.

I dig coding with style guides, code reviews and sipping freshly brewed yerba mate from the morning, or a cup of coffee made according to the five elements principles of Chinese medicine (Wu Xing).

Check out my notes, where I share some of my technical thoughts.

Aside of tech-world, I enjoy cooking, meditation, self-development, walks in nature, bouldering, photography and many other good things in life ✨

Feel free to contact me regarding any technical (or otherwise coherent with me) topic, business opportunities or just to say hi! :)

Image courtesy of, always apt, XKCD.